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About Us

G & S Association Services, LLC is a company formed for one reason, a desire to give community associations fair financial management pricing with exceptional service. For over ten years, founding members, Ghilda L. Fries and Sharon V. Ellis, were essential cogs in the property management accounting wheel. Both women have been fortunate enough to work for the best full service management company in the industry, and have also had their fair share of working with some of the worst management companies in the industry. After watching community after community suffer due to poor financial management, sloppy internal controls and inexcusable overcharging by the management companies hired to keep the records straight, these dynamic women decided to put their skills and innovative forward thinking to better use.


During their ten year career in property management, both founding members have had the opportunity to work very closely with some of the top property management software companies, banks, title companies, collection attorneys, and property managers in the industry. For over a decade they have watched management companies get it wrong. When it comes to effective financial management for community associations, there is no gray area. This is a firm ethical belief that all G & S team members live by. Armed with knowledge, experience and the know-how to get it right, G & S Association Services, LLC was formed solely to offer community associations a better choice in financial management services.


The G & S motto is simple. "We operate at all times for all clients with integrity, honesty and exceptional service."
We guarantee completely transparent accounting with no hidden or surprise charges. This is an important feature when dealing with today’s slow economic rebound, and every G & S team member understands the value in that. We are here to help you manage your community association’s day to day business of “keeping the books”. We strive to keep costs down for every community association we manage by utilizing the most advanced technology and processes. Our goal, our mission, and our passion is to keep homeowners in their homes, and the association's funds in the community where it belongs.  

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